Our Services

Energy Research

We will undertake rapid assessments, appraisals and impact assessments to get you the right information to enable you make decisions. These include; (i) Ability and Willingness to Pay surveys, (ii) Energy Access impact assessments, (iii) Productive Use of Energy surveys and other related rural electrification surveys.

Rural Electrification Planning

We will support the process of designing rural electrification plans and strategies, undertake sector diagnostics and give you the best options to get clean energy to the last mile. We are technology agnostic and will support projects on-grid and off-grid.

Community Engagement and Awareness Campaigns

Consumer awareness and community engagement ensure a robust relationship between a utility and consumers, enabling a feedback loop based on mutual understanding of your project and its impact on the community. We will work with to design and execute community engagement and community awareness strategies, bringing you closer to the communities you serve and work with. For Power generation firms, we will work with you to design and execute Community Development Action Plans that ensure your project is relevant to the needs of the community, but also eases issues like rights of way.

Business model improvement

Utilities and other energy companies are exposed to great and fast innovation, leading to much-needed changes to their business models. Whether a distribution utility, an off-grid company, or an energy service company, we will work with you to adopt new technology, tap into digital tools and related payment platforms, and explore business model diversification to improve your performance or reach last mile clients and end-users.

Productive Use of Electricity

Asian giants have demonstrated that access to electricity must be productive in nature to be transformational. We work with utilities, public electrification agencies and development partners to design and implement activities, behaviour change campaigns and trainings that promote the Productive Use of Energy (PUE). This includes PUE surveys, development of PUE messages and strategies, PUE trainings and PUE impact surveys.

Access to Finance

Studies show that access to finance in the developing world is still a hindrance to increased energy access. Using our network in the financial sector, we will work with you to structure financial deals that are based on direct credit, venture and equity financing, ensuring that you secure the best deal for your business.

Energy Sector Market Entry and Feasibility support

We will work with you to identify key market segments suitable for you and will help you penetrate the market, ensuring we secure you agencies, and the right networks for your success. We will undertake robust feasibility analyses of your business to determine what best makes sense, technically and financially because market entry recommendations are made.

Other Services

  • Policy Advocacy and Policy Development
  • Organisational Institutional Development
  • Market and value chain analysis
  • Energy Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Energy Project Design
  • Energy for Local Economic Development